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December 5th-9th. 2022
Manhattan, New York


Audience building

is the future

of raising capital

All aspects of the capital raise & development process are intersecting with digital media.
So are all aspects of capital markets related business development.
Digital Cap Raise Week puts you at the center of the many transformations happening as media disrupts global capital markets.

Capital Per Eyeball:

the new metric for planning

digital cap raises & building investor audiences

Building digital audience in the world of capital raise is less about the size of the audience you build than it is about the capital per eyeball you can engage.

How much investable capital does the viewer or reader have?

Digital capital raise is not about building big, unqualified audiences of people who might, one-day, possibly, be interested in investing.

Digital cap raise is about building targeted, highly qualified, highly valuable investor audiences who WANT to see your investments.

It’s about the capital behind the eyeballs you’re grabbing – and about the intent of the attention they give you.

You can build an audience

of any type of investor

Family office managers. Corporate CFOs. Asset Managers. RIAs. Hedge Fund managers. Venture Funds. High Net Worth Individuals. Wealth Managers. Corporate Venture. Private Equity Fund Managers. Analysts. Everyone – every single type of investor and nearly every decision maker is engaging with investment ideas somewhere online today.

It’s time your firm’s media strategy embraces the full opportunities this represents. 

December 5th-9th, 2022
Manhattan, New York

Elon Musk understood

carl Icahns $17 billion lesson,

most don't get it 10-years later.

It’s been nearly 10-years since Carl Icahn moved Apple’s market cap by $17 billion with just two tweets.

Icahn didn’t generate $62 million per character because retail investors were following him.

Icahn’s influenced professional investors. Elon Musk got the message and has built his own influence among both retail investors, Tesla shareholders, and the professional investor ecosphere.  When Elon tweets, assets move.

Professional & high net worth investors are online in even greater numbers today and can be engaged around investment opportunities at scale.

A decade later and few, if any, firms have fully realized the potential of using media to generate and engage investors.

Media influence and strategy has to be part of every firms’ core business development strategy.

Carl Icahn didn't move Apple's market cap by $17 billion because an army of retail investors followed him.

Everyone now recognizes power of digital retail investor audiences.

Many still miss the power of professional investor audiences.

What’s your opportunity when you have an audience of a 100 family offices?

Or 5000 asset managers?

Or 1,000 research analysts? Or venture capitalists?

Or 10,000 RIAs?

The digital revolution in capital markets is not simply a retail investor phenomenon. The next phase of capital markets competition will be aggregating and engaging professional investor audiences. 

Or recognize audience building is the future of Fintech's ability to scale.

Fintech startups have been raising hundreds of billions over the past several years.

The tech world has changed. The tech part is the easy side of building a company today. Building and engaging audience at scale is the hard part. It’s expensive. It’s hard.

There are bright spots though. First, in the broad network of digital media and publishers who have already aggregated the target audiences of many Fintech’s. Second, in the deep experience of the audience builders who’ve been building scaled digital investor audience for a decade.

IPO, SPACs, and Public Companies need digital audience more than ever.

Digital investor distribution is increasingly critical for any company operating in public markets.

If anything, the quality and types of investor distribution needed to succeed in public markets is expanding. Retail investors, asset managers, high-net worth – all these audiences are buildable and reachable online today.

Join us at Digital Cap Raise Week to discover ways to build and engage digital investor audience.

Evolve your strategy for building or reaching investor audience

At Digital Cap Raise you’ll explore the different ways to differentiate your firm. Should you build a unique digital audience? If so, should your media platform be open or closed?

Or should you pursue a strategy building access to multiple sources of external  investor distribution? 

What channels? What partners? What strategy?

Join us at Digital Cap Raise Week to explore, understand, and evolve your opportunities to tap global investor audience. 

December 5th-9th, 2022  Manhattan New York

A week of conversations across Fintech.TV's global exchange media network and in-person at the Javits Center in NYC.

Digital Cap Raise Week Programs

December 5th-9th. 2022, Manhattan, NYC

Everything, and everyone, you need to know to reach retail investors at scale online today.

A new capital markets infrastructure is being built up around us. Meet the founders constructing the future of cap markets. 

We’ve already seen influencers who have raised as much as $800 million AUM from Instagram. Meet the rising stars.

Every level of investor is reachable online today. Every investor you want to talk to has been aggregated & engaged somewhere only already.

Discover the secrets of executives & founders who’ve mastered the art of engaging digital investor audience.

Digital audiences are global, but cap markets are local. How do we unlock the true potential of global investor audience?

Stay on the front-edge of the evolving compliance landscape as digital cap markets evolve.

Not all content is created equal. Discover specific strategies & types of content that move investors to action. 

Register for the in-person conference.

And access a network of events & content.

Network across

the entire Digital Cap Raise ecosystem

Digital Capital Raise is mashing together the business developers, marketers, and digital publishers one the cutting edge of building investor audience.

  • Media channels who have already engaged professional investor segments.
  • Investor audience builders who’ve built digital investor audiences in the millions.
  • Marketers who help issuers raise capital online.
  • Finance influences who’ve built massive social followings.
  • Digital financial publishers who’ve engaged large subscription focused investor audiences.
  • And more. 



Main Program

December 6th @The Javits Center, Manhattan, NYC


Fintech.TV Digital Cap Raise Programming

December 5th-9th


Digital Cap Raise Roundtables


NYC Media Tour


Cannon Network Meeting


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Join us at the Javits Center

Main In-Person Program December 6th, Manhattan, NYC